Marketing Pool status updates

To newcomers to this space a few informational links

Our friends over at ADA Frog made two nice videoes on how to Maximize your rewards as a delegator: and what you should known before delegating to a pool: has a lot of great information on how to get started with stake delegation:

Digitial fortress has also a good guide on how to in practice do staking and also some good recommendations for staking pools as well:

Also to get a feeling for what Cardano is all about I think my own compilation of a few of Charles Hoskinsons words during the last year sums it up pretty good:

For my own pool you can see the hardware I am running here:
And an intro of some of my work here:
Finally here is a small presentation of me as a stake pool operator:

If you want to consider delegating to ANP and also want to reach out to me I have a telegram channel as well. (requires Telegram)

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