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Norwegian Content:

Breakfast meeting on staking in Norwegian
Krryptovaluta Norge Desember 2021
Kryptovaluta Norge January 2022
Kryptovaluta Norge April 2022

On Ergo a cryptocurrency collaborating with Cardano
Ergo Nvidia miner on Windows 10 / Windows WSL with stratum pool, 29th January 2021 (medium).
Ergo Stratum Proxy on Windows WSL, 28th January 2021 (medium).
Ergo node setup on Windows 10 28th January 2021 (medium).
Ergo use cases confirming its existance 8th January 2021 (medium).
Ergo 101: Setting up a node (outdated) 9th January. 2021 (youtube)
ADA North Pool first new years update: Ergo mining, 5th January 2021 (youtube)

On Cardano
Ambassador Stories, Journal #24 20th October 2020, (Cardano Forum)
Let’s do better – collaborative mechanisms in the Cardano Ecosystem, Cardano Virtual Summit 10th September 2020 (youtube).
Cardano – a look at pool market forces and risks 10th August 2020 (google disk).
ANP SPO presentation 8th August 2020 (google disk).
The Cardano Effect episode 100, 29th June 2020 (youtube).
The dawn of Shelley, 29th June 2020 (youtube).
ANP Hardware introduction, 18th June 2020 (youtube).
ANP Introduction, May 31th 2020 (youtube).
The Cardano Effect episode 68, 4th January 2020 (youtube).
The Cardano Effect episode 64, 9th December 2019 (youtube).
The Cardano Effect episode 58, 11th November 2019 (youtube).
Guardians of Cardano Open Letter II signer. 4th November 2018 (youtube).

Summer 2021 Charity
World Mobile
A bit info on World Mobile from ADA North Pool