Hardware Pool status updates

Server hardware starts arriving

I had some qualms regarding showing hardware or not because it is an issue of security vs building trust in community. I landed on thinking I have security measures as a “fish” in the big ocean and that if I scale I would probably buy more equipment and security measures. Besides – its fun learning this as I go along and nice to enjoy comments and feedback from readers in that journey. I am pretty happy the powerdraw will be around 65 watt max even for a server that has a lot of horsepower. So without further ado here are some current hardware that I picked up today:

One UPS for server. One for network. Overkill? Perhaps 🙂
32 GB ECC ram. (32 more on its way for 64GB total). Sadly no 3200 MHZ ram only 2667 MHZ available in unbuffered ECC in market (as far as I am aware)
Ryzen 3700x and Arorus motherboard with latest Intel LAN chips and room for a lot of disks.
2x 4TB enterprise disks and 2x 500gb NVME

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