Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) has recently aquired ADA North Pool (Ticker: ANP) and its assets in an ongoing process to support and build the Cardano community in the Nordic region. 

ADA North Pool has been part of the Cardano ecosystem since the first testnet and is probably the first and largest staking pool in Norway. 

The staking pool will remain running with local bare metal hardware at one of the most northern parts of the world and by the now newly appointed head of staking operations Eystein Hansen, one of the worlds first staking operator and active part of the Cardano community. 

Norwegian Block Exchange intends to remain an active part of the Cardano Community and participate in the ecosystem such as in voting in Catalyst and help foster the community in the Nordic region.

  • What does this mean for you as a delegator?
    For now little has changed. You can still delegate to the pool and it will still be operated by me (Eystein Hansen) and continues running on local hardware supporting the decentralized ecosystem. For those who hold Ada on the NBX.COM exchange you can soon choose to delegate to ADA North Pool from the exchange itself as well.
  • What does this mean for you as a staking pool operator?
    It means I can go full time into cryptocurrency as I will be working at Norwegian Block Exchange as head of staking pool operations starting February 2022. This in turn means I will have time to commit to the Nordic Cardano community, as well as the cryptocurrency community at large.
  • Will the pool still be active in the community ecosystem such as voting? 
    Absolutely. NBX sees clearly that staking pool operations has potential in the community to help further it, and thus create value for its delegators. This means we are likely to be involved in voting and contributing in the discussions with community members on projects in the Nordic region first and foremost.