World Mobile Token Promo from valentines 2022 to 2023 ended.

We ran a World Mobile Token Promo from valentines 2022 until now Valentines 2023. The funds will run out in next epoch 394. We still love the project, and our relationship has been taken to the next level with private and public testnets and gearing up for actual launch of the blockchain to the public. You can still claim many other tokens through vending machine or Tosidrop for delegating to ANP such as Hosky tokens and BabySeal tokens. You can also gain Nunet tokens through the earndrop see as ANP is one of the participating pools. (it is temporary paused but follow the blog for latest news).


Happy new year

2022 was busy in the world of Cardano, such as attending the Cardano Oslo Summit and creating a lot of content for the Cardano ecosystem in regards to research as well as governance. In 2023 we are doing many simpler and shorter articles to go back to basics on Cardano and offer newcomers to the ecosystem something to get started with. At where we also offer staking for adanorthpool we have written a few articles:

What is Cardano
Step-by-step guide: Stake Cardano ADA with NBX
Crypto staking: the new era of minting cryptocurrency
What is Cardano staking?
How are blocks made on the Cardano blockchain?
What are the addresses used for delegation on Cardano?
Staking: Delegation in Cardano Proof-of-Stake Model Explained

If you are Norwegian you are in luck we have all the articles in Norwegian as well:
Hva er Cardano?
Trinn-for-trinn guide: Stake Cardano ADA hos NBX
Crypto staking: den nye æraen av kryptovaluta utstedning 
Hva er addressene som brukes for å delegere for staking på Cardano?
Hvordan lages blokker på Cardano blokkjeden
Hva er Cardano staking?

As a bonus – here is my favorite video of 2022:
Governance with Dr. Mihaela Ulieru 


NBX refills Vending Machine to extend WMT promo

As you may know, ADA North Pool has an ongoing promo where we give World Mobile Token rewards to delegators of the pool since valentines 2022.

We have today refilled the Vending Machine pool balance to make sure to keep the promo going further. We are still huge fans of the project and we have an NBX earth node you can find us on twitter:


Two new guides with Proxmox for virtualization

Recently I have made some more written content type of guides and I have made a guide on installing Proxmox for virtualization and tuning it as well. My second guide is on how to run a cardano-node relay on a virtual machine in Proxmox. See the following two guides: