Some updates from ANP

It has been busy months for Ada North pool. I have joined the Mithril network of signers and it might be good for delegators to know that by delegating to Ada North Pool you are also supporting this effort.

I also attended multiple workshops and held the Nordic workshop on Governance in Horten together with Kryptolabs. I attended in Edinburgh for the main workshop on CIP-1694 and I am now working on a workshop series for direct representatives (dReps) together with a talented team.

Apart from this I have been writing on governance articles (many to come) and one such coming to fruition is a provocative article on if we are currently in a centralizing corporation model and how we can move towards a digital nation model type for Cardano – see the current draft document here. Apart from that we are looking into collaborations on treasury model (together again with Thomas from kryptolabs and with Swarm). From NBX I also produced articles on governance and we voted for the minfee of 170 with pools increasing to 1000.

I also worked on an explorer for the SanchoNet and made some early guides for the testnet. I will continue to work on this in the future as well. We set up a Nordic Cardano Community called NADA and we have weekly videos as well as a whole day of workshop (Signup link) on how to run a Cardano node and be an SPO during the Oslo summit where I also will be panel leader for a governance discussion. Apart from that I have reached out and might join Gamechanger wallet for a collaborative effort in the future.

I recently joined Intersect and the Civics committee where we also will be working on more governance-related tasks and I am still preparing work for a governance book for the Cardano ecosystem. This is only some of the things I have been doing lately and I realized that it might be good to update the delegators on some of what I have been doing behind the scenes and maybe give some reasons to why to delegate to Ada North Pool.

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