Busy times with Intersect

As previously announced Ada North Pool joined Intersect once this was possible back in october 2023. I soon found a shovel and started digging since I belive in being a contributing member in getting this Membership Based Organisation up and running. I joined the Civics committee with bi-weekly meetings, The Backlog working group as well as civics committee related working groups both in the past and currently that takes quite a lot of my time every week (honestly a full time job in terms of effort) that will be announced at a later date, and finally I joined the Pioneer DRep program. I am also in another committee that will be announced at a later date that has taken quite a lot of my time and is on more of the internal governance of Intersect. Me and Thomas as well as Beatrice from Nordic Cardano Community also held online DRep workshops as well as a workshop in France and now in England in May and in August in USA. In total I will have done 6 DRep workshops and with my team 10 DRep workshops so we are trying to do our part 🙂

Research wise I have been to some of the swarm organized events such as the AI discussion group as well as the Unifires project that shares experience with Polygon. I am also drafting on an update to the democratic pluralism paper and attending weekly circle meetings with the Photrek team (as well as lectures on Sociocratic methods before the cirlces) and contributing to some book projects, as well as another article that might or might not be published. Finally I am also in contact with the Gimbalab teams and sharing my experience on theory of harmonizing code and law and in particular smart contract appealability. I held a discussion group on this subject during the Buidler fest in France that I attended.

Ofcourse I have also been busy doing SPO stuff such as helping the ecosystem mapping team with mapping out my roles and also how SPO role could benefit from such ecosystem mapping. I am still running a Mithril node on top of Cardano-node and still helping test out the Midnight network when time permits. Organisation wise I am also still doing town halls and helping out with the Nordic Cardano community and I am an Iagon Ambassador as well. My company North Block AS was started end of last year and I have done educational work and advisory work so far with it and all related to Cardano. I am also exited that Norwegian Block Exchange that I work for also are doing more things in the Cardano ecosystem and you will hopefully hear more from me on some of the things I am doing representing NBX as well in the future as well as some Cardano events I will join representing NBX.

I hope that gave some idea of some of the work I have been doing and appologize for not posting often on the Ada North Pool site. I assure everyone I am still very much in the Cardano ecosystem and working active for its future to be bright.

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