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ADA North Pool performs well during a “forking” epoch 6

I had to pull an all nighter as even while the new cluster of nodes is helping out a lot in stability it did not help when there where suddenly a strong propagation in the network for several forks. To help with this issue we also increased the network capacity of the main server so now it sees most of the active nodes in the network. This allows the server to look at what is the longest chain and correctly identify what path to take regarding forks.

Also when you look at the numbers we had an amazing performance. We lost some blocks during the early time period of forks but around 4 AM (as I told I did an all nighter for this) after also bootrapping to the nearest IOHK servers (3 servers are located in EU) and implementing these changes the pool performed admirable. Lets look at the math:

We know that 4320 blocks are on offer each epoch (10% of the total 43200 slots) We also know that currently only around half of this is actually produced by pools (around 2600). In our case we have a stake of around 66 million delegated to us and 0.95% of the total stake. With 4320 blocks we should with 0.95% recieve 41 blocks. Guess how many blocks ADA North Pool produced during the epoch? 41! So overall given all that happened epoch 6 I am actually very pleased with the performance and keep in mind that performance matric is a short term performance metric, you should also ask yourself the question how many blocks is this pool producing compared with its stake?

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