General Hardware Pool status updates


Today the first batch of equipment for our second server arrived. We are considering naming our second server oro8 after the Oroborus snake of life/death cycles with the 8 symbolizing the eternal ring cycle. But probably we will name it ADA NORTH POOL 2 (ANP2). Main server will use Ubuntu for stabile operations while the 2nd server will use the more rolling updating distro called Manjavo for faster implementation of new kernel/hardware support. The stable server will likely host the pools and the more rolling updating server will hold a majority of nodes (but both will run nodes).

New hardware structure for ANP with a total of 24 cores (20 not including test laptop) and 136GB ram (128 not including test server) and above 10TB of disk space. Icon graphic: Appareil Photo Vectors by Vecteezy
Chassis ment for watercooling.
a bit more value driven mb than the ultra we ordered last time.
heart of the server 64gb ECC and 12 core ryzen 3900
Fractal design ION+ a very efficient (platinum class) power supply.

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