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ANP with 3nd walkthrough video

In this video I share with the viewer some of the experiences I have had with my time in the Friends and Family testnet. This time we go through the relationship between keys, addresses and certificates and then look briefly at exercise 5 and 6.

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General Media Pool status updates

ANP with 2nd walkthrough video

In this video I share with the viewer some of the experiences I have had with my time in the Friends and Family testnet period for cardano-node and walk the viewer through making a node certificate, creating staking keys and as bonus contents we look more into docker swarm, pro’s and con’s of docker containers for cardano-node and community scripts.

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ADA North Pool will mentor two scandinavian pool operators for the family and friends testnet

ADA North Pool is quite honored to invite two Scanadinavian pool operators that have been around for the ITN and that have the technical skills and hardware to get going into the family and friends testnet full speed ahead. It was not an easy decicion to make and actually weighted quite heavily on me. But I think for the long run the best I can do is .. do what I do best and know best. I want to encourage my own region and that we have adoption here for Cardano so I decided that me as a Norwegian pool operator should try to encourage scandianvian adoption. That definitively does not mean I would not help other pool operators far from it – I simply also want to see Cardano thrive in my own backyard here in Scandinavia.

So without further ado we decided to go with AHL and JAWS1. You can find them on twitter as well:

Welcome aboard lads and lets show them that viking spirit !

PS: We are also encouraging a Cardano Scandinavian Pool Operators collaboration (CSPO) so might hear more from this space going forward ūüôā


ANP walkalong video for ff testing

In this video I share with the viewer some of the experiences I have had with my time in the Friends and Family testnet period for cardano-node and walk the viewer through building a node, configuring it, making transactions and finally also looking at docker images as a method of deployment for cardano-node.

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ANP adds monitoring of cardano-node block producer and docker relays

If you want to follow live the progress of my nodes and relays you can find the monitoring links in the menu now where one is named “Monitor Cardano-node” and the other is named “Monitor Docker-relays”

General Media Pool status updates

ANP creates cardano-node scripts for learning purposes

They say one of the best ways to learn how something truly works is to build it from the ground up. So I took that to heart and decided to build some scripts instead of using some of the other great scripts out there. And I could not resist putting in some ASCII for ANP logo in there as well ūüôā

Create address and .vkey .skey:

Simple send transaction script:

Multiple (2) transactions:

General Hardware Media Pool status updates

ANP joins friends and family testnet and adds hardware based encryption for cold staking keys

Ada North Pool had the great honor of being asked to join the friends and family testnet. The TLDR is the progress is great. Overall the experience has been great and documentation, features and overall experience is shaping up well in the opinion of this pool operator.

We also added a hardware encryption usb drive in preperation of cold staking key storage.

Fingerprint identifying 256-bit AES hardware encryption usb.
View of a core node and a relay as of today 14th May.

The nodes come prebuilt with a lot of features that can be enabled. For example the EKG view that you can set to a port on your localhost.

EKG view of cardano-node with a lot of data.
With a Prometheus exporter built into the node it is really easy to setup Grafana data as well.
General Hardware Media Pool status updates

ANP New server/node structure overview and update on [email protected]

An overview of the latest node structure for Ada North Pool (ANP).
Attribution for logos used: Computer Vectors by Vecteezy

To end the testnet with a bang we have upped our efforts even more. We added two Germany based xeon 4core computers on 1gb fibers at one of the datacenter of Hetzner where we are now both [email protected], practicing with cardano-node swarm (manager/[email protected]) and also adding block propegation for jormungandr to improve our chances of winning slot battles. For our home servers we have a local swarm on its own network (lan based) for the cardano-core that is in touch with the cardano relay nodes (in ip addresses and and also the remote servers @ relay3 and relay4) and thus should work fine even if one of the internet falls down. We also have full UPS backup in both the home servers and in the datacenter. I think we are now on a path to become far more secure in our operations even in the event of internet failures or power outages.

[email protected] is going solid with participation previously by the whole ANP family of computers. Onwards we will be using ANPLAPTOP (4 core) ANPSERVER2 (its a 12 core so have idle capacity for this) Both the ANPHERTZNER servers (4 core) + ANP FAMILY computers that are 8 core and 4 core and with GPU computation as well.

We are currently participating with a good deal of computation for the Cardano team. Stats can be viewed @
Main jormungander server with a pool and 6 nodes.
The main server also hosts a core cardano-node (2nd network lan) and a cardano-node relay (internet)
ANP server 2 hosting 4 cardano-node relays. Server is also [email protected] on light setting.
ANP Hertzner servers the two cardano-node relays are up and running. The jormungandr propagators one is up and other is boostraping soon to be up as well. Both ANP Hertzner servers also run [email protected] on light to help support the cause.

ANP adds german bare metal hosting for cardano relay node work

  * Intel Xeon E3-1245
     * 2x HDD SATA 3,0 TB Enterprise
     * 4x RAM 4096 MB DDR3 ECC
     * NIC 1 Gbit

  ADA North pool is scaling up with a new relay node system in preperation of cardano-node where we will have several relays: 12core 64gb ecc ram mellanox connectx 4 lan location [email protected] 0.5gb fiber 4core 16gb ecc ram intel lan pro location [email protected] 1gb fiber 4core 8gb ram intel lan location [email protected] 0.5gb fiber

[email protected] privat ip 8 core 64gb ecc ram mellanox connectx 4 lan. Location [email protected] 1gb fiber.