ADA North Pool will mentor two scandinavian pool operators for the family and friends testnet

ADA North Pool is quite honored to invite two Scanadinavian pool operators that have been around for the ITN and that have the technical skills and hardware to get going into the family and friends testnet full speed ahead. It was not an easy decicion to make and actually weighted quite heavily on me. But I think for the long run the best I can do is .. do what I do best and know best. I want to encourage my own region and that we have adoption here for Cardano so I decided that me as a Norwegian pool operator should try to encourage scandianvian adoption. That definitively does not mean I would not help other pool operators far from it – I simply also want to see Cardano thrive in my own backyard here in Scandinavia.

So without further ado we decided to go with AHL and JAWS1. You can find them on twitter as well:

Welcome aboard lads and lets show them that viking spirit !

PS: We are also encouraging a Cardano Scandinavian Pool Operators collaboration (CSPO) so might hear more from this space going forward 🙂

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