I am attending the Plutus Cohort #3 so I can better understand smart contracts on Cardano. Week 1 was a lot of struggles due to stubborn me wanting to make it easy to run through windows with windows wsl (a way to run a linux subsystem inside windows itself) (most of the cohorts seems to have gone down the route of virtual machine to run ubuntu or such) but I finally got it set up and with a good IDE with VSCode connected to the linux subsystem so I can do the workflow in windows and compile and run in Ubuntu on the same computer. Week 2 is so far great fun and I am sure Week 3 is going to be fun as well. Lars Brünjes is a great teacher and the community is already doing guides for further understanding.

The Plutus course will be a great suppliment to the Atala Prism course I finished where I learned to work with decentralized identifiers through Atala Prism and sets me up to do more building in the ecosystem in the future.

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