This valentines ANP and wanted to give back something to our delegators. We really love the project World Mobile and the new cool Vending Machine by @seal_pool ( so we will experiment with World Mobile tokens as delegator rewards:

Token rewards will be 1 World Mobile token (WMT) to each delegator with atleast 100 ADA delegated to the pool and that have been a delegator for atleast 1 epoch already. We will also give 0.00002 WMT per ada staked per epoch for delegators with more than 100 ADA.

Token pool is currently 694 World Mobile tokens so the rewards might last around 4-5 Epochs and is an experiment. Big shoutout to @seal_pool for making Vending Machine possible and also check out his pool

Rewards earned can be checked on where you get instructions on how to claim as well. Keep in mind there will be a transaction fee to claim the WMT in ADA.

This is a tryout and an experiment. We love to support Vending Machine and how Vending Machine is supporting Single Pool Operators. However there might be dragons and things might break.

Token rewards is subject to change. It would cost a bit to send ada to multiple wallets, then claim the WMT then send back WMT to a single wallet so we believe the 1 WMT per 100 ADA delegator will not be abused but we might adjust in the future just in case.

Finally the rewards needs to be claimed within 10 Epochs or they will go back to the pools balance for future distributions. You can however accumulate up to this point and then do a single withdraw of rewards.

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