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As we are not stronger than the community we build around Cardano ANP has decided to divert back founding into supporting projects in the ecosystem on top of supporting charity projects. First up is Mike Fullman’s that has become a central hub for information regarding pools performance. To be clear in no way will us supporting make us have any special relationship with the site and they will report our performances correctly as can be verified from other explorer sites as well.

ADA North Pool has pledged 5 usd per month to support Mike Fullman’s effort

Charity General Media

ADA North Pool joines Cardano community effort for research on Covid-19

In light of the recent post on the Cardano Forums ( ) ADA North Pool has decided to support this effort by dedicating the backup computer node to [email protected] to support the community effort to help research on Covid-19. We would like to thank the Cardano Foundation for encouraging such an effort.

Charity Hardware Pool status updates

ANP Transceivers and cable equipment arrive

It took a while but I am really happy with the custom made trancievers from that will fit to the brands of my network cards at a fraction of the cost if I bought it directly from the network supplier. This means we will at some point soon have a downtime but I want to have a good epoch – so far we have done 18 out of 19 and we could make up to 10 more this epoch. Given we had some poor luck in draws last two epochs that means I want to wait a bit before doing the rest of the networking equipment. I will update on twitter when the server will have some downtime.

Trancievers and optical cables from
Charity General Media

ADA North Pool lends out to Kiva through Cardano Community team

On the cardano forums there has long been an active kiva lending team (see ) and given that we are now almost half way to paying down the hardware of the server I figured it was time to also try and reach out for a good cause. You could argue its selfish in branding the pool but at the same time I hope it is something that also other pools would consider and that it could become a positive thing for the Cardano community that not only has there been an active lending team but also now pool operators help as well.

In any case I have picked two projects from Philippines as that is where my wife came from and it has a special place in my heart. Today is her birth day and we decided we wanted to do something special so we wanted to support Kiva projects in Philippines. I know also well the social system there and I know that a sari-sari store is very much ingrained in the culture there and supporting someone making one is a good cause. The same with jeepneys and motorcycle / tricyle type of transportation projects that is very much part of everyday life.

I had some qualms if I should publish pictures or not but given that these lending projects are public on Kiva and also it could contribute to others wanting also to lend out to them I believe it does more good than bad.

Finaly perhaps this post is also a good time to direct some attention to an idea I have regarding how to cut cost for oversea family members to cut costs for transfers to family members.