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ADA North Pool presenting in Cardano virtual summit 2020

ADA North Pool will be presenting at the Cardano virtual summit 2 July 22:30 UTC. The title of the presentation is going to be ‘Let’s do better’ and I will discuss collaborative mechanisms in the Cardano ecosystem such as for example voting.

Short introduction to the virtual summit presentation I will have.
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Ada North Pool joins private testnet for statistical data exploration

In the last week I have joined a private testnet where we with the help of script collect jcli data and can aggregate the data with others who have joined the testnet. This allows us to understand better for example memory growth compared with number of transactions on the blockchain or how the blockchain database grows. This gives us a better idea on memory requirments, disk requirements and such. I joined after the first article was published ( ) but I am honored to be part of such a group.