The security contest of August has now ended

So the security contest of August has now ended. One outer relay / webserver had a weaknesses that allowed hackers to learn information and a user was rewarded 500 ADA for this discovery. No user reported either files of the two core servers.


ANP makes first block on mainnet during the first epoch where community pools can make blocks

In an emotional moment for me as I have been waiting quite long for the pool to produce the block yesterday ADA North Pool finally made a block. This means delegtors will recieve full rewards in epoch 210 as in the first epoch your performance will be 100% if you produce any blocks.

Pooltool verification of first block from
General security

ADA NORTH POOL modernize server software / 2nd pass over security

In preparation to the soon first block producing epoch (granted after some delays) I have modernized software to be as up to date (for example only latest long term support distros) and had a 2nd pass with a critical eye on security. We also made several optimizations so everything is as rigged and ready as can be. Security is certainly nothing I will ever be relaxing on and I am constantly trying to evolve in this area to have as much safety as possible. While I wish I could detail all the new security enhancements I have added the fact is that another security measure is to have as much hidden information as possible when it comes to security measures. Hopefully this is understandable.


ANP removes public monitoring

Out of an abundance of safety measures I have withdrawn monitoring of some of the relays though the public. While I truly love to make everything as transparent as possible I also have to consider security at every step. Initially when I made the monitoring I also considered the security measures and made sure to only monitor what was safe and in a way that was safe. However I have recently got some convincing arguments that make me adjust my stance. Feel free to get in touch with me if you think the monitoring service is very important to you as a delegator and I will try to look at my options.

General Media

ANP participated in The Cardano Effect episode 100

During the hard fork party that was later termed “the fork of July” I participated in The Cardano Effect episode 100 representing ANP. Link to episode 100:


ANP Security competiton / contest

ANP / ANPNL is offering a security competition or you could call it a contest where I will pay 2500 ADA if you can reach the proof file and tell its content and notify me how to fix the security vounerability. An additional 2500 ADA is there for the taking if someone can actually reach the core server (adanorthpoolserver) and diclose the proof located in teh securitycore folder and tell me how to fix the vounerability. This is a first come first serve offer so whoever discloses to me first the proof will recieve the reward and no additional rewards will be given to 2nd to report in the vounerability. The forum thread will be updated if there is a winner.
General Hardware Media Pool status updates

History in the making – the dawn of Shelley

Yesterday was a very busy day for me at ADA North Pool. We created the staking pool ANP on the main net at 20:45 Eastern Time the 29th July or the “fork of July” as some of the SPOs have started calling it. I was also on the 100th episode of The Cardano Effect where I said little sensible things and cheered with my Cognac. I was quite tired at that point with 2 weeks of hard work and driving home to operation center. We registered ANPNL on the 29th but had some problems and some users reported not seeing the pool so we resigned it (sceduled for resignation in epoch 209 one epoch from the current 208 epoch). A new pool was registered today the 30th and this is the one you should delegate to. I hope this has caused little trouble for delegaters, but it was better to do it now early than later. Also I made a small video to the community about the dawn of Shelley:

Allready 1.1K views.

All in all a good days work.

General Media Pool status updates

ADA North Pool adds new monitor grafana dashboard

As promiced when I took down the old dashboard / grafana service I would soon make a new one. I have now a beta version that can be found at the website under menu link “monitor” or through direct link:

Statistics are currently from main net candidate 1.16.x

Image of some of the dashboard

Changes to hybrid model with new Germany relay

In preperation for main net we will cancel two Hetzner servers from 1. august. Instead of two 16gb ecc ram servers ANP have ordered a single 64gb ECC ram server with much higher cpu power and datacenter ssd. This means we will have a single German relay (but roughly 4x the power of the previous two servers in Germany) and instead use the google cloud vm’s to spread our relays more across the world. This also actually helps us cut costs so we remain competitive and well within the minimum cost structure that is currently proposed for the Shelley main net.


Intel Xeon E3-1275v5
     * 2x SSD SATA 480 GB Datacenter
     * 4x RAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC

General Hardware Media

ADA North Pool adds new hardware intro video

In preperation for main met Shelley staking pool operations ADA North Pool is making new introduction videoes that will be used as a way for new delegators to the staking pool to get to know me as a pool operator. This video here is about the hardware and will showcase the servers in the home location while also briefly looking at the hybrid model with rented servers in Germany through Hertzner and with Google through its compute engine.

Without furhter ado here is the link: