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Ada North Pool joins private testnet for statistical data exploration

In the last week I have joined a private testnet where we with the help of script collect jcli data and can aggregate the data with others who have joined the testnet. This allows us to understand better for example memory growth compared with number of transactions on the blockchain or how the blockchain database grows. This gives us a better idea on memory requirments, disk requirements and such. I joined after the first article was published ( ) but I am honored to be part of such a group.


Ada North Pool on the Cardano Effect

Hey all. I (Eystein Magnus Hansen) where on the The Cardano Effect episode 58 (Stake Pool Operators, Jormungandr, Centralized vs Decentralized | TCE 58) and I discussed the need for decentralization and hopefully that the ecosystem will have a good mix of different types of hardware and not only cloud based.

I also discussed how Stake Pools also will be part of a social process and in that regard I have now looked into a logo (pending) to go with name of the site and added SSL so users will feel the website is safe to use. I hope to use this site as a way to communicate with stake delegators to my pool.


Start of Ada North Pool

Hello, my name is Eystein Hansen and I have been involved in Cardano since around december 2017. Since the very first days I have believed Cardano needs geographical diversification (see for example this post from February 2018: 

I also believe in a working echosystem for Cardano and was part of the group who worked for getting a new board for Cardano Foundation, working with first letter and one of the signers of the second letter (for an overview of the history see #1 and #2 and #3 ).

After that period of governance change (for the better imho) I worked on two ideas for Cardano BitLaw and Family connect:
Family connect:

Now I am full circle again where I stared with wanting to be involved in the staking process and trying to make sure that we have geographically and hardware diverse Staking Pools.  

I believe it is important the little guys have staking pools and that Cardano is both geographically, individually and hardware wise diversified to protect from attack vectors like governmental attacks, specific hardware vulnerability attacks or cloud based attacks etc. If you agree maybe you could delegate some of your stake with my staking pool?