One of my first ideas to form out of a domain specific language for obligation contracts with a controlled natural language (CNL) that makes it possible to translate correctly between languages.

So I wanted to write a bit about my background with a master degree in law and also in psychology. I think if I see a opportunity for contribution to the ecosystem in the fields of governance, legal research or also psychology I will try to contribute. It will surely be baby steps but I am going to focus time on writing smart contracts and thinking of easy to implement contracts with real life impact. I think a legal DSL is still years away but I do want to let the public know that there is already much research on the topic and quite old as such (see this thread for an example) and if I see a path towards building such a DSL I would want to take that journey.

My background from psychology was quite varied, from writing on gaming addiction (Everquest then World of Warcraft) before that was even a thing – to studying how teachers facilitated language acquisition in Concordia Language Villages. Same with my law studies that went from varied topics such as child rights law to energy law. I have also been a renewable energy advocate and I represented share holders in a power struggle with share dilution in the company Renewable Energy Corporation – and in that period wrote several analytical works on solar energy – for example this. I have been a stock investor for several years and you can find some of my articles on seeking alpha. So that is some short things about me that maybe could help delegators get to know me slightly better 🙂

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my delegators and if any of you want to get in touch with me feel free to write me an email. I currently expect that ANP also on the main net and setting up a company both for smart contracts, oracle services and as a staking pool and expanding on whatever direction is the most successful / achieving goals seems realistic.

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