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Welcome to ADA North Pool

Welcome to ADA North Pool! If you are delegating to our pool you are in luck as we have a World Mobile token rewards promo where you gain additional rewards by claiming tokens for your delegation. See for details on extra rewards of World Mobile Token and how to claim them.  Let’s GO World Mobile!

Here are the current pool metrics. Keep in mind that our current monthly ROA is higher than what is our lifetime ROA.

ADA North Pool strives to be aligned with the principles suggested by IOHK for the safety and optimal performance of the network.
Part of the Cardano guild operators since 2019, The Cardano Single Pool Alliance since 2020 as well as part of forming the Inter Stake Pool Peering Agreement.

See our page on for more information about the pool.

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ANP changes webserver

In an effort to optimize our server structure we have moved the web server and in the process doubled its capacity (cpu/ram/diskspace) while roughly halving the costs. We have also added more relays some are public and can be seen for example on, and some are none public and will not be disclosed location/address.