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ANP changes webserver

In an effort to optimize our server structure we have moved the web server and in the process doubled its capacity (cpu/ram/diskspace) while roughly halving the costs. We have also added more relays some are public and can be seen for example on, and some are none public and will not be disclosed location/address.

General Marketing Media

ANP buys equipment for streaming/youtube

While ADA North pool has been active in the community from december 2017 the truth is at times ANP has been more active and at times I have been less simply due to time scedule concerns. However I (Eystein Hansen) hope to be an active voice in the community also going forward. In that respect finally some of the streaming equipment I ordered have arrived. While it took quite a while for the equipment to arrive I fully understand with the covid19 situation in the world that shipping is slower. Hopefully soon we will all return to more normal days of our lives. Anyways without further ado here are some pictures of the arriving equipment and I hope to get active again soon :

It is not a Yeti Blucast but it will do…
Microphone arm “pro” version hah! I think any microphone arm that does not give in to the weight of the microphone and does not contribute noise when moving is OK in my book.
A bit fluff but I think it is nice to have a stand for your headset when you are not using it. This is a cheap amazon bought one and I know there are more “fancy” ones out there but it will do forme.
Pop filter is actually a solid equipment to buy and will really help with audio quality for a cheap price.
Shock mount nest I am not sold on yet but decided why not since it came as part of a package. Maybe some of the more audiophile readers out there can tell me if this is a good piece of equipment or not.
This one has got a lot of good reviews for great value for the buck – its not a audiophile type of DAC but it gives great sound quality compared with the price you are paying for the equipment.
This is actually the piece i am most exited about. I originally went with a 4k cam link from Elgato but it was simply sold out everywhere and shipping took forever so I changed the order when this baby came on a black friday offer. 4K HDR yes please. Plan is to connect my sony A7 to this.
This is a very popular piece among youtubers and for good reason. You know you get solid and tried and true quality. Yes there are other better brands and probably if I researched this topic more I could find something better value but overall you know what you are getting with an M50X.

Marketing Pool status updates

To newcomers to this space a few informational links

Our friends over at ADA Frog made two nice videoes on how to Maximize your rewards as a delegator: and what you should known before delegating to a pool: has a lot of great information on how to get started with stake delegation:

Digitial fortress has also a good guide on how to in practice do staking and also some good recommendations for staking pools as well:

Also to get a feeling for what Cardano is all about I think my own compilation of a few of Charles Hoskinsons words during the last year sums it up pretty good:

For my own pool you can see the hardware I am running here:
And an intro of some of my work here:
Finally here is a small presentation of me as a stake pool operator:

If you want to consider delegating to ANP and also want to reach out to me I have a telegram channel as well. (requires Telegram)